following your bliss…….

sometimes i like to plan my days or weeks and make long list of things to do. more often than not, i misplace my list, and so i have led a life full of unplanned events. i dont recommend it, but its what i know.

some people may call this “following your bliss”. i prefer to think of it more as a stalking the wild cactus existence.

recently, the cactus in our area put on quite a display, and i finally got it all together enough to stalk the wild cactus and follow my bliss. i made cactus jelly. something i have been talking about doing for the last 20 years….sometimes following your bliss can take a few detours.Image



One Response to “following your bliss…….”

  1. Hi, Frannie —

    I love the “follow your bliss” concept — I’m a huge list maker, but I totally agree — there are some fun days when the greatest gift is just to wander whether you will…

    Ellen, a fellow farm girl sister

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