craftin for roundtop

i have a girlfriend of 30+years who is just a crafter extraordinairre! she will soon be departing to go to roundtop and will bring her great  crafts(beautiful hats and jackets).she sells in roundtop , new mexico, virginia and also san angelo, texas.

 bc(before cancer) i used to go on some of her craft trips with her and sell my crafts as well.  a good time was had by all!!!!


now  i stay home, and hope for the day when i will again “hit the trail” and hang out with my friend , reid, but since i have started to craft again she usually offers to take some of my wares with her, like the  domestic goddes aprons that i have pictured above.

if you are going to roundtop, be sure and check out the folks at “gone to texas”. they are a fun group with wonderful items. my friend , reid will be there amongst them:hats, jackets, from recycled vintage wools and linens.


One Response to “craftin for roundtop”

  1. Mimi Rodriguez Says:

    I miss and love you, Frannie!

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