it’s raining at the farm!

 isabella, the farmdog, was quite perplexed when she heard the strange sound of the rumbling thunder.   she literally had to run out on the porch to check out this sound which she had never heard, and her being a new mom, but not quite an ‘ole lady, as olivia would say, she just didnt have a clue what that rumblin sound meant.

but i did. i stopped my housecleaning and stared outside in complete amazement.

i was just putting the kitchen tablecloth on when i heard the strange sounds myself. the day was already determined for me. i was going to spend the morning cleaning house and the afternoon crafting. a perfect combination. i had just wondered if i should remove a few layers from the west windows.  this summer was so hot and dry that i had stored my tablecloths on the west windows to block some of the sun, aka heat from the kitchen which gets hot enough in the evening when you cook. 

besides i just like looking at all the vintage tablecloths and believe it diverts the eye from my “exposed” ceilings.  a little sharecropper chic decorating, there.

but as i was adding my layers of table cloth curtains, i heard the pounding of rain on the window and well, i had to go outside with little isabella and introduce her to rain.

ps. she says she likes it.


6 Responses to “it’s raining at the farm!”

  1. Hi Frannie,
    I came over from the farm! I enjoyed your post, and your little dog, Isabella, is cute! ~Violet~

  2. violet, thanks so much for commenting on my post. i love knowing someone has visited “my farm”.

  3. aww Isabella is a cutie. she looks like she is smiling. your tablecloths look darling. it has been a very hot summer here too and I’m thankful that we now are seeing some cooler weather and breezy days. Fall will officially be here around the 22nd/23rd of September..yippee!

    • hi tina, great to hear from you. my dh says we had about 5 inches of rain today. it felt so wonderful . we have 3 dogs now. clooney, isabella and their baby, lola.
      i love them all.

  4. Your puppy is a cutie! I am sure that you have suffered like us in Okietown this summer with our extraordinarily hot days. I can sure empathize with you on that west window thing. Our front door is on the west, and in the afternoon, you can’t even touch it because it is so hot. Glad you got rain. We are all needing it badly!

  5. oh marybeth, i think we are definitely farmgirl sisters this summer when it comes to the weather. it has been so hot here, and i thank God everyday for the air conditioning. but i believe fall is not that far away.
    frannie in texas

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