autumn loves her omies stuffies……..

this is one of the reasons that i love to make the felted stuffies. my youngest daughter sent  this picture to me of her daughter hugging her latest stuffie from her omie.

i love the way that autumn comes to the farm just knowing that there is a new stuffie waiting for her….and that her omie made it….and that it was made from felted sweaters that have been transformed into a new treasure or lovey.  i love being a grandma, and a crafter and feeling like i have a new chance to hopefully  impart some  kind of wisdom to be grandchildren about our world .  i am constantly surprised, though at how much they all teach me about our world and what it means to love and be loved.


7 Responses to “autumn loves her omies stuffies……..”

  1. Linda Yarnmamma Says:

    I enjoyed reading your site. You are so lucky to have grandkids!
    I have been alone on holidays for several years and can’t get used to it. In the eastern part of the USA people believe that families just have to be with blood relatives…it’s sad really. In a divorce it seems that one person inherits many of the friends and I am the one who moved away and had to start over.
    My inspiration to craft is the Farmgirl swaps…I get Christmas presents that way and share on the forum which makes me not feel quite so alone.

    Then just yesterday I found a group that started meeting to learn to crochet for a hospice that helps alot of people. The patients are asking for lap afghans to keep warm in wheelchairs. I have crocheted for so long that I don’t need anything else for myself and love the idea of getting to use new patterns and be able to help some people in real need. I watched my step mother when hospice came to work with her…she sufferend alot until she agreed to let them help her….she would not admit that she was going to die.

    I know that I love to crochet and wanted a good reason to make something not too big and that will give real comfort. I got to look at pattern books and share experiences with the teacher. She is happy to know that I can teach too.

    I love this inspiration that I just received…it is getting me out of my funk.

  2. I love your post!!! Isn’t that what it’s all about!!

  3. Aren’t you so lucky to be a grandma? Autumn looks so happy in the pic, and she’s a lucky girl, too, to have you.

    Recently I’m stealing a few minutes from my day to work on my little inchie collage books. I so enjoy fitting together the little scraps of paper and bits of lace and buttons and whatnot together on the wee pages. And I want to make enough to share with sisters (2) and friends. . . . and my thoughts turn to them as I cut and glue. I love it.

    And when I sew, I get into the colors I’m working with: spending time with the stash of fabrics, finding just the right ones for a shock of color or a blend of textures. It feeds my soul. And I love giving them as gifts, especially for my nieces who are in University. A little bit of me aiding their studies as they carry books in the bags. I remember my University years and hope their time is as challenging and happy as mine was.

    Thanks for the prompt — it’s taking me on a thought-journey this morning.

  4. What a lovely picture, and it is such a treat to see another of your felted creations. There is nothing more fun, I think, than making things for others.I loved making dolls and teddies for my kids when they were little. Now I really like making quilts so I don’t get so many things completed, but I love attacking the scrap pile and seeing what happens with al the bits and pieces.


  5. Peggy Jean Says:

    I enjoyed reading about the bunnies. I noted right away a wooden toy jeep in the Christmas tree picture that I would have recognized anywhere. FreddieB sure could make those toys. I’m hoping that in the future I might be able to adopt some of your bunnies for my grandsons who both have a menagerie they love to cuddle. I also collect – too many things according to Roland. I have a wonderful collection of chenille bedspreads just waiting to be bunnies if you ever care to create them. How I wish David could have seen all this. He would have loved it so. Bye for now friend. Peggy

  6. Fran, it reminds me of the little horse that you’d made and brought for Liam the night Elliot was born. It was lovely.

    • thanks for checkin out the wordpress site, carla. if i dont speak with you sooner, i hope you and joe have a blessed Christmas and a very happy new year. we here at the farm are ready i think for the new year to arrive and say good bye to last year, although every year is a gift isnt it? and country and i both learned alot on our illness journey. let every heart prepare him room…… love, fran and country

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