a simpler christmas this year.

i think it is a little early for christmas,  we have yet to have thanksgiving.

but this year is full of surprises for me….so when i started getting the christmas feeling waaaay to early, i didnt know what to do.

i havent had a “bona fide” christmas in many years….about 20 to be exact.

and i never have the m0ney to go all out at christmas anyway.

my big celebration has always been thanksgiving, on christmas, i am usually alone, the result of a divorce that occured a lifetime ago.

it long ago ceased to be a sad time for me….it is a quiet time, with no deadlines and no frantic preparation.  i do use the time to reflect, and on occasion i do feel alone, but have long ago stopped feeling lonely.

so now i have grandchildren and they do NOT adhere to divorce decrees that have nothing to do with them,,,,and then this year i had the cancer journey which has made me more tender and more nostalgic…..i dont know how else to describe it.

olivia, my oldest grandaughter is frequently the catalyst here for new and improved ideas.  this year “omie” will be having a tree at the farm and here are the rules.

the tree will be miniature, fake and second hand. i am among other things a queen of all things second hand.  the ornaments can be found , or made but cannot be purchased specifically for the tree. no 25.00 ornaments, even though they are quite beautiful.

first exception:  the tree topper was purchased today……it coast 1.50.

i couldnt help myself , it is quite lovely and wasnt meant to be a tree topper, it is a repurposed ornament.  

then olivia and deven came to visit and olivia went right into the decorating mode. she understood the whole concept for the simpler christmas and wanted to do her part.

she started with some antique miniature ornaments that i had gathered up from the local thrift stores and started to decorate the tree.

we decided to gather up some beautiful items from nature and embellish them and see what kind of a tree we have from this plan.


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