i am so crafting again……


assorted pincushionsassortment of pincushions, in the works!and now i have an etsy site.

i have started crafting pincushions and acorns and bunnies again and having a great time doing it.IMAG0395

will be taking some bunnies to dallas this weekend . i am making a trip there to see my friend reid,  teal and the grandkids, and hope to go to a meeting with the dallas fiber artist, a group i want to join and start attending meetings.

DSC01121giant acorn pincushions

i am still making the giant pincushions from burr acorn caps, that are native to this area. they are so unique and if you are caught up in the acorn thang you will love these unique pincushions. they are stuffed with cedar sawdust so they can also be used in your sweater drawer to keep those pesky moths at bay.

on the bunny trails

so , until then, we’ll see ya on the craftin trail!

frannie in texas


3 Responses to “i am so crafting again……”

  1. Hi Fran. Lovely pincushions.

    Nice getting to visit yesterday.

  2. OH Frannie, LOVE your pincushions! I never saw those big acon things, we only have the small tiny ones here in my country 🙂 Also the sweet pretty round one in your bunny picture, it looks so pretty 🙂

    Hugs from Marian/dutchy on MJF.

  3. Just wondering how you’re feeling now and whether you’re still crafting those fabulous bunnies. I just found your website and I love the fact that it is primitive and sweet. I hope that you will be updating it so that we (your readers & fans) can keep reading your entries ~ I just love them!!

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