clooney, tango and violet 006

Of all the crafts i do, i have missed working with the bunnies the most. for one thing they were really a joint project that i shared with my granddaughter, olivia. and well, i never really felt i created them, i just  felt they were somehow, channelling themselves through me.(insert eeeerie music here). hehe

so it was pretty disappointing and embarrassing to me when i had to stop making them when i got sick. and really i still had a back order on them, and that left a bad feeling  in my heart as well.

i hope slowly to get all of that ironed out and then my bunnies will be on my etsy site.   we’ll see…Copy of clooney, tango and violet 008

these are some bunnies i hope to send off to kentucky to a farmgirl mom and her new daughter violet. i know the bunnies will enjoy their new home and i hope my farmgirl friend jonni and her little one will enjoy the bunnies.


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