a herd of felted elephants

a herd of felted elephants

well, its just great to be alive, ya know what i mean? but for each one of us, life is made sweeter with the addition of the extras.  the farm, the children, the grandchildren, acoustic music, and the thoughts, prayers, and actions of good friends.

but on a solitary, personal level, for me for a long time crafting has been a way to feed my soul. so when i started feeling good enough to start imagining the crafts i wanted to make, my recovery took a different path, and i truly started to believe that this journey would lead me back to crafting.

so i have started digging through the stashes of recycled fabrics, and books, and  notebooks and once again began my daydreaming about projects and what i would like to make. a stuffie here and a new dress for miss bunny and oh,  a new journal…………

so i hope you will indulge me and let me share for a while some of the crafts that i have returned to

tiny felted pony

tiny felted pony


4 Responses to “I’M CRAFTING AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!”

  1. marian/dutchy Says:

    Hi Frannie, it is SO good to see you getting to be your “old” self again sweetie ♥ Crafting takes your mind of things and makes you think other thoughts, don’t it.
    LOVE the sweet little pony you made. YOU rock farm girl friend.

    Many hugs from marian/dutchy on MJF

  2. Frannie, Your animals are just adorable! I just love the little pony! So glad to see you back in blogland!!!!(((((HUGS)))))))

  3. Frannie so glad you are feeling well enough to feed your creative side. The joy you get from it will help to heal your mind and body. Keep the Faith!

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