it seems the verdict is in……

and i will be having 3 surgeries in the next month.

the first one will be this tuesday , on my carotid artery. seems i havent been getting enough oxygen to my brain. well, those who know and love me could have verified that without all those fancy machnines and tests.

i have alot of concerns, the greatest being that we have decided to entrust the farm to the bunnies while i am away. bunnystale-1109-002they seem to be all too  eager to help and have been scurrying around already trying to do their best to  be helpful.  i have tried to get the farm “gathered up” in my fashionbunnystale-1109-004 and have put all my crafty items away or at least where they will not tempt me to start on something new.bunnystale-1109-005

i havent been crafting , really for several months and am behind in everything, but i do hope i will be back to it soon.  the bunnies assure me that it doesnt matter to them that they are runnin around here nekkid and that all their journies have been cancelled for the time being.   well, i say they are very good sports and i am glad that they have been so kind to put their needs on hold while i get myself back in some kind of shape.  i hope i will be crafting again soon and dreaming all those dreams that i love to spend time on when i get a little too tired to sew or craft.

in the meantime please keep me and the bunnys in your prayers, i am sure we will all need some extra help in that area as the weeks ahead unfold for us.




4 Responses to “it seems the verdict is in……”

  1. Maryann Rodriguez Says:

    You’re in my prayers, Frannie! Love You Much!

  2. Your little bunnies will be just fine on their own. When it is required they will be model children. You are still in my prayers. God will keep you safe. Take care.

  3. Hey Frannie,

    I’m not sure how I missed that you had a blog..
    Blogland is grand!
    I’ll be checking back…
    I know you have so many pictures you can share..
    I love looking at your bunnies.

    Drop by my blog..would love to hear from you!

    Love & Light,
    Queen of Dreamsz

  4. Hello Frannie,

    Just dropping by to say hello and to encourage you to take photos..I know you have so much to show even if it’s been a while sense you’ve created. I’ll check back!

    Have a blessed week,

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