a bunny of a different….fabric

a bunny of a different faric
a bunny of a different faric

well, i have been birthin bunnies here for over 6 months, and i was beginning to think i had seen it all. tweed bunnies, plaid bunnies, smokey grey bunnies, but they were all wool,  felted, and made from cast off garments mostly. they were all nice wool, some were cashmere, and the occasional alpaca….oh,alpaca.

so i guess like everything else ,just when you think you’ve been there, seen that, done that…here comes a little bunny of a different…well, fabric. not wool, but cotton, and cotton chenille.
“well its too hot to wear fur”, she told the other bunnies,and went about the business of just being herself.  i worried and fretted over whether or not she would  fit in with the group we had now. they were full of tweeds with just the odd plaid man and on occasion i thought they really hit the carrot juice just a little too hard.when they did, the work load went down.  they were no where to be found, ” probably sleeping off a heavy dose of high glycemics” the little chenille gal would tell me.
well, i couldnt complain, of late i had been acting quite a bit like my glycemics had gone south or north or where ever they go when they are not at the levels they are supposed to be.
so lately, when i have felt a little puny i have felt like givin it all up, move to the city, let some one else worry over this farm….i was just too tired for it all. i had taken to having a regular little afternoon siesta, myself.  i did what i sometimes do, fretted,  worried and lived in my head for a couple of days, until i finally had a really good case of the  “woe is me”. then one day, i realized  something. ihadnt talked to my farmgirl friends in a couple of days. i had slept through a few days, really, trying to recoup some of my beauty i suppose, and  while i was catchin up on all that sleep, a  new bond had formed here at the farm. one of the rough and tumbly tweedie boys had started hanging out with the chenille girl, and she wasnt becoming rough and tumbly, he was gettin some soft edges to his formerly rough self.  i would observe the two of them, her with her purple cotton chenille ways, and him,well he was just a rough and tumbley tweedie guy.  when he was with his new friendhe
his rough edges had taken a decidedly softer turn...

his rough edges had taken a decidedly softer turn...

just seemed to be gentle and quiet and ….softer, like his rougn edges had taken a decidely softer turn.
what in the world is going on here? i had seen a few romances since i started birthin the bunnies.  there had been some couplin of bunnies here, but well this seemed different not really a romance just a  kind of sharing …..but what could they possibly have to share, he was so rough and well, she was a little, how can i say this, much softer than the other bunnies i had birthed here.
maybe because she was cut from a different clothe, i tried to make her like the other bunnies, but the fabric was different, i wasnt used to it, and she really had an arm and leg and ear that were decidedly smaller than the other ones she had. i had decided when she first showed herself fully to me that she would take special care, i didnt think she could make a journey….and wondered what kind of home would take her in.  i did what i sometimes do, i worried and fretted and turned it around in my head alot. but, i needed to know more.

they saw, they heard, they said....nothing!
they saw, they heard, they said….nothing!
so i went to the other bunnies and asked them.
what is going on here. he is the roughest the toughest the most unruly bunny here.
and well, she is soft and sweet but really unable to garden or gather and i cant see what they could possibly have in common.
the response was deafening ………………………!
THEY TOLD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOTHING.
come on you guys i gotta know, you have to give me something here. …………………………
well, this went on for several days.
finally, one of the little bunnies, i think it was say nothing, came and found me and said “look, your the one who tells the stories, i thought you might have used a little of that wisdom you’re so fond of
talkin about to figure this out. “
we were trying to tell you. we gave you multipy hints.
YOU did? how did i miss that?
well, we told ya, not in so many words,
they see nothing…..she doesnt see his rough edges, he doesnt see her softness
they hear nothing….she doesnt hear his loud voice, he doesnt hear her little squeaky voice.
they say nothing……she doesnt talk to him about her complaints of having the small arm,leg and ear
                                 and he doesnt share the rough and tumbly part of his life that keeps others from
                                 really seeing him as she does.
what is this, then, what bonds them together? i asked.
well, we thought you would know for sure. it is what your kind call” kindred spirits”
they see with their hearts
they hear with their hearts
they speak with their hearts.
we thought you would know, they are friends.
so i guess my bunnies gave me a wisdom lesson today. a friend is a person who sees your rough edges and they become soft. they see your soft ways, and make them seem strong.
i have found over the years many many  good friends, and recent years a group of farmgirl friends, who have seen my rough edges and only saw the soft side of me, and saw my softness and could still see some strenghts. we are friends too, because we are kindred spirits.
i am grateful to have them…..hugs to you all.

2 Responses to “a bunny of a different….fabric”

  1. oh Frannie..now this story I just absolutely love!

  2. Frannie….thanks for checking out my fussy aprons. I just love your bunnies. I used to make bunnies very similar and dress them in wool turtlenecks that I made from old socks. Bunnies have always held a special place in my heart!!

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