finding your spot.

we had a little bunny pass through here recently and she came to be known as “willa”. she was such a sweetheart , and as none of the bunnies had chosen to stay yet and i was getting a little weary of loving them and then” letting” them leave, i was determined that this would be just the “spot” for little willa and that she would stay here and be mine, as much as a bunny can be yours.
So, i watched and listended as little willa revealed her ways to me and i thought i will just drop the hint that she should just pick this spot as her own and stay here with me, as i was gettin so lonely everytime one of the bunnys “flew the coop” so to speak.
now it is hard for me to send the bunnys out to find their way, but some are easier than others, i knew for example, that miss petunia was meant to be the proprietor of a shop full of the beautiful treasures that i know miss pamela has in her shop.
…and well, i know that nancy jo will provide wonderful surroundings for her bonne, and that even though i am known as a gatherer of sorts, that i am not in the same league as our new york farmgirl, miss nancy jo.
but , well the truth is we need love here at the farm too, and the bunnies are about as loving as they get, so i was just ready to put my foot down when little willa arrived. she didnt say anything at first and i thought,
“yes, this is the one for me.”
then one day i noticed behind her little skirt a glimpls of an ear, and i mean an award winning ear, and then an eye, and, and, and, and ….then a ……SNOUT.
and i knew that this was not the SPOT for miss willa, that she would be moving on.
i was right and soon she let me know that she would be heading out soon, her little pig tucked under her arm to make a home with a farmgirl friend from the maryjane farmgirl sight.
at first i was really sad and thought i deserve a bunny of my own, but then i knew i dont have pigs, i have goats and well, miss willa LOVES pigs. and so i knew that she had to find her own spot.
I guess life is just like that for everyone really. we just have to find our own spot, and for many of us it is a farm…..or wanting a farm….or hunting for a farm.
and for all of us farmgirls whether we have arrived at the farm or not we have found our spot at where maryjane says being a farmgirl is just a condition of the heart, and she is right.
so, i reluctantly send off another bunny to her very own spot and hope that one day a bunny will come up the trail and declare”this looks like the spot for me.”
i know that is how i feel when i pull in the drive and wind through the trees and spot my little bit of heaven in the woods….I am home….i have found my spot.
my hope for everyone on this fine spring weekend is that where ever you find yourself i hope you have found your spot.


4 Responses to “finding your spot.”

  1. GardenGoose Says:

    hi the bunnytales..and the farm girl at heart theme.can’t wait until one of the bunnies comes to live with me..I hope that she’ll like baby ducklings and baby chicks and love flowers. (one little note..the maryjasne farm site is though)

  2. bybiddie Says:

    I’m sure she didn’t want to break your heart – she’s such a sweet but strong little bunny. She whispered in my ear that I should let you know that, while she is very happy here on the little farmette, she still thinks of you as her mum. xoxoxo susan

  3. gardengoose, thanks for your post, and hope i am able to figure out how to link in my post to the maryjane site.
    at least now i have .org. ugh technology.
    bybiddiie, thanks for the message from willa, i know she is happy with you…especially if she is whispering in your ear…they dont talk to me sometimes for days after they get here. hehe
    thanks for posting here some times it does get lonely in the blogosphere, especially when the bunnies arent talkin!
    frannie in texas

  4. GardenGoose Says:

    can’t wait to see more bunnies.
    hope all is going well with you.
    stop by my blog when you get a chance, have a drawing going on over there.

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