SURPRISE…….its spring break!

well, here at the farm, we had a rare experience. we had spring break and a whole week off !
in our neck of the woods, we have to set up house for warm weather or cool weather, we dont really have room for everything to be out at the same time. our little cottage in the woods is just 800 square feet and getting more cramped as the newest arrivals, the bunnys had started moving in.
so as the break approached the little bunnies said,” take a break, we will be happy to help out with the farm and you can have some time off.”
this seemed a splendid idea to me and hubby, so we did,……………..
……only to find that in our absense, many gardens had been planted,
and truckloads of bunnies had moved in!

SURPRISE! the bunnies squealed as we entered the
castle garden.(this is the name olivia gave this garden) .the garden looked lovely with all new plantings and baby seedlings popping up everywhere, and around the corner a new truckload of bunnies arriving .
SURPRISE, indeed! i was beginning to understand, that in fact , the bunnies were not living with us, we were living with the bunnies…………………..
but the gardens, well they did look good, and i knew i could live with that!
thank you, bunny friends for a job well done, and a great SURPRISE.


5 Responses to “SURPRISE…….its spring break!”

  1. Nancy Jo Says:

    Too cute Frannie, them all sitting in that truck. How clever you are.
    Bonnie says Hi.
    Nancy Jo

  2. hi nancy jo, and bonnie!
    thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
    i love to hear from you and the bunnies love hearing from you and bonnie.
    the little truck is a truck my dad built years ago. i have trucks and wooden jeeps and a wooden woodie that he built.
    the bunnies try to use them all the time, but they get good gas mileage so its okay,,,,,they run on imagination!
    frannie in texas

  3. Fran,

    The photograph of the dear bunnies in the truck is wonderful.

    How clever of you to have a bunny camera.


  4. Your bunnies have cousins across the big pond:
    scroll down to the March 19th post.


  5. Sugarplum Cottage Says:

    I’m gonna have to adopt one of those bunnies. The truck is adorable.

    Hugs, RoseMarie

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