plaid bunnys, oh my!

so for the time being, the gatherin spot for me and the bunnies was the pass thru, a large window in between the kitchen and the living room that

in bygone time was used to serve food when the farm was
more like a weekend spot than the full time home it had become. every morning as i sipped my coffee the bunnies would gather and let me know what the work for the day was to be. sometimes i was to finish up a garment for a travelling bunny, or gather up from a list an odd assortment of items that seemed of the utmost importance to my little friends. of course, at times my curiosity would get the best of me, and i would question
them as to the possible use of these items.
“all in good time”, i would be told, a phrase that was becoming more frequent and less appealing to me as the days went by.
well at any rate, on this particular morning the bunnies were gathering in their flurried fashion, and i prepared myself for a long list of chores and items to be found.
then, miss francey, a rather fancy grand dame of the bunnies announced that some bunnies of a different fashion had arrived and what were we do to do?
“they will never find a home, why they are plaid and tweed and not of the sort we would naturally find, they are of a domesticated variety,” she cried in a voice with much alarm.
..and right she was, i could see standing off from the group two little bunnies, one decidedly plaid and the other a sort of tweed.
“well,” i said , “and how charming they are!”

……there was a long pause.

“well, charming you say” the grande dame replied.
“do you know that these bunnies live in hutches and eat food that comes from a large bag, and they have all but lost their ways of gathering and recycling?’
“no”, i had to respond, ” i was unaware of the difference, a bunny to me is just a bunny.”
at which point all the bunnies , even the plaid and tweed sort, laughed and laughed and….LAUGHED.
“well, we are all bunnies, this is true, but the plaid bunnies are used to being cared for and they have lost their “ways”, why they dont even keep bugs!” the pink bunny replied.
“but ,” i said, “aren’t you one of them?…..welll, ya know, you are pink!”
“well, i am pink today, but i am really a soft brown color, and i am not plaid!” she responded, “and i have a very extensive bug collection even for a young bunny.”
“a bug collection…?” i asked.
“yes, of course, we are gatherers, and farmers and …..well, naturally we collect and care for bugs for our gardens,,,,,,, dont you?”
“well, no!”
again with the uncontrollable laugher!
“ladies,ladies,,,,please be kind” the grande dame ordered.
what kind of ….
where do
i had all kinds of questions, but the bunnies said we would talk of the bugs later.
right now we had the matter of the plaid bunnies to settle……


One Response to “plaid bunnys, oh my!”

  1. Did I not receive your pattern for those tin can rockers? Just wondering…..

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