a surprise at the farm……

well, we were just getting settled in and adjusting to our new “borders” and the comins and goins at the farm when one day, there was a different kind of furry…uh…uh….flurry of excitement.
i was just finishing up on my dishes in the kitchen when i heard a commotion in the living room.
i turned to see the most startling of sights. a mob of bunnies, some i knew
and some i had yet to meet ,were forming on the pass through.
“miss omie! miss omie!” they all seemed to be saying at the same time.
“we have news, and a gift!”
“oh, my “i said back at them,”and what kind of news would it be?”
“well, it would be news of the best kind, one of our kin has arrived at her destination, and she has sent a gift to you and miss olivia from her destination.”
…..and they were right, a box with the most charming pillow and a bag with the sweetest of smells had been sent to the farm.
i recognized right away the handiwork of a farmgirl galpal, miss nancy jo.
little olivia was here when the package arrived and she squealed with delight when she saw the beautiful handiwork and the picture of the beloved bonnybunny.
“well, i am so delighted to hear she has completed her journey, safely, ” i replied,”and what beautiful handiwork nan….”
i was interrupted by bobbing of heads and chatter of how talented the bonnybunny was.
“well, but i think……..”,i tried to reply.
……but the bunnys were petting the little gifts and their ooohs and aaahs, were like a small chorus echoing throught the farm.
and then olivia responded as well, “omie, i never knew that bunnys could make such treasures.”
and so i send a BIG thanks to bonnybunny #1, and her new friend nancy jo, and hope that no one will mind that here at the farm,
bunnys can embroider, and create little pillow,
and send them through the bunny mail to their
friends here at the farm.
Thank you bonnybunny. ……………………………………and thank you nancy, jo.

and hugs and kisses to all from the bonnybunnies and their friends, omie and olivia here at the farm.

One Response to “a surprise at the farm……”

  1. Kay @ The Rustic Cottage Says:

    Frannie – I just adore this blog! I have to check every day to see what the bunnies are up to!


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