and so began many days of visits, tea times, gathering sessions with miss bonneybunnie. she let me know early that it was not her journey to stay here at the farm. she had a particular destination in mind where she felt she would fit in nicely. also that other bunnies were already here and would reveal themselves, or not as they saw fit, and that some might decide to stay here if in fact the farm was a good fit and a end of the journey destination for them.
right away, another bunny, a miss petunia showed up and she also let me know that her journey would take her elsewhere and that we were just a stop over for her. she was a much bossier….er….busier bunny than miss bonney who was slow, steady and methodical, but in spite of their differences they soon became fast friends.
one day miss bonney approached me to let me know i had work to do for the bunnies.
“we need little baskets,” she said. a respectable bunny
would never travel without their basket, as you
see we are the originators of what you know
as recycling, and we are great members of the gatherers.
miss bonney let me know that she infact was a superlative gatherer and that was part of how she determined her destination. “i will be living with a human who is also a gatherer, and she needs my help to find treasures.”
so i spent my days making baskets for miss bonney
and her friends, until i came upon just the right
basket and with her approval i started creating clothes,
baskets, accessories for her friends.
miss bonney on the other hand spent the days, with
miss petunia preparing for the departure from the
farm and the long journey they
would be taking.
although miss bonney assured me the woods
were full of bunnies that were camped out and
preparing for journeys…..and some preparing
to make the farm their home.
i had not seen any of the bunnies she was talking


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  1. Nancy Jo Says:

    Just too cute Frannie, you really should write a Children’s book. I told my Bonnie Bunny that if you did I would buy it for her.

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