…and so our journey begins

i did take the evening break with “bonneybunnie” and, though she was demure and reticent, i learned alot from her in that first visit….things i didnt think i would ever know, but i had never really opened myself up to the wisdom of animals before.

she told me that the farm was on the site of an ancient old animal trail, but that it had to be bypassed while the kitties had taken refuge here.
while some of my kitties had gone the way of the ciwoodies(aka, coyotes to all but olivia),
really most had escaped and set up a new encampment elsewhere.”why did this happen?”
i asked her. “well”, she said, “your keeper has attained higher wisdom and can no longer run and protect you. she is in the realm of dreaming and thinking and connecting thoughts to come up with reason.” uh….what, who, i had many questions.”well,” she replied,” you call her cosmo, the wonder dog, i think. she has moved beyond her domesticated job and has entered the realm of wisdom and will spend her days, dreaming, thinking, and establishing new wisdom for the world, but she does not guard the farm any longer, so the kitties moved on and that freed up this retreat for us, because we do not need guarding, we set up our homes in a briar patch which allows natural protection.”
this made absolute sense to me, as i would soon learn that bonneybunnies knowledge usually did make sense.
lately we had all noticed that cosmos life had changed. so from the moment i opened my ears, to the bunnys ways i was to learn new things, some i expected and some unexpected.

bonney bunnie told me that day that the farm was to be a refuge now for bunnies, and a few other animals as was necessary, that a change had occurred , as is the way of nature, and that it would bring change, both good and bad, as it is also the way of nature.


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