well, bunny #1 and bunny #2 have been finished. they had a lovely send off party and headed out to their new homes.
they decided they could make part of the trip together, so off they went.

it was
pretty sad to see the girls go.
but they were heading out to make a new home with 2 of my farmgirl friends from maryjanes farmgirl connection and i knew they would make a good life for themselves.
their journey would not be without hazards, but i felt we had given them both a good start, and they were armed with the best thing for a long journey……a good friend.
hope they have a safe journey.


12 Responses to “”

  1. Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) Says:

    Oh my goodness gracious! SO cute Frannie!!

  2. thanks so much, dalyn, i really cant remember when i have had sooo much fun crafting!
    i feel like in some ways i am being a little silly willy over these rabbits, but oh well, i guess the truth is out, i am a silly willy!

  3. Frannie, I love the photos of your little bunnies’ journey! Too cute!

  4. GardenGoose Says:

    inviting you to come join the fun on my blog. ~Tina

  5. You get as silly as you want to, cause those are just the cutest little things. You could put a little story to go along with them. I know you have put lots of love along with hard work to make them.
    Enjoy, Barbara

  6. Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings Says:

    Love your photography. I can almost believe they really on their journey!

    Beautiful work!


  7. ga.farmgirl Says:

    That would make such a nice children’s story book tale.
    You are so talented. Good job.

  8. maybe the farmgirls who got them could photograph their arrival. You could ask them to share photos so you could complete the story and know they found their new home.

    Love it!


  9. i love it!! that is too adorable!



  10. Shadows of the goddess designs Says:

    ok–those pics and story are WAY too adorable. They are just awesome !!

  11. These are the cutes pictures I have ever seen. What an imagination you have!!! Please post more.

  12. hair_if_you_dare Says:

    This is awesome! I can’t help but think of how proud your Mom would be. Well…I know she is right now!

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