good journey, little bunnies

the hardest part of crafting for me isnt coming up with the ideas, almost everything i do has been done before, i just put my slant on it. the hardest part is sending your creations away and wondering how they will fare….if the folks who get them will be not just satisfied but joyous over their new acquisition.
today we had a fine send off for two little bunnies that started their journey here and will find new homes.
they are both going to farmgirlfriends so i know they will be well loved, and i hope their new “moms” will like them.
i though, planned at this time to be making some domestic goods, clothes line bags, some more aprons, and stacking trays, a few ideas that have been rattlin around in my head for over a year. ….
but the little bunnies came not from my head, but from my heart, via my little granddaughter and muse olivia. she is wise beyond her 4 years, and will occasionally forcefully propel me into a project that i had no idea of.
How do you like my little kitties i asked her one day,……well, there good, but there not rabbits, she said. what do ya mean, of course their not rabbits, their kittys.
oh, well your supposed to be making bunnies……and so i did.
good journey little bunnies, its been great!


2 Responses to “good journey, little bunnies”

  1. Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) Says:

    Frannie I love your creations! Our “slants” on these things is what gives the world flavor…’cause you’re right- there ain’t nuthin’ new under the sun! But it sure fun to tweak the old stuff!

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