obsessed with acorns,pincushions &little baskets!!!

i appear to be “hooked” on crafting with the burr oak acorn caps. i started to collect them several years ago and just knew they would inspire me to make something wonderful with them. welllllll, i kissed a coupl of crafting frogs before i actually came up with a craft item. my acorn pincushions/natural wool keepers. they are stuffed with cedar sawdust and make a nice little pincushion or stashed in the sweater drawer they are guaranteed to keep those pesky moths at bay. if ya know me, or even have casually met me, you have seen the acorn craft. i spare no one.
well just when you thought it was safe i have come up with a new little crafty item to make with those caps. ……..little rustic baskets for my bunnies.

Mmmmmmm, i wonder if those little bunnies need their own little acorn pin cushions.?


One Response to “obsessed with acorns,pincushions &little baskets!!!”

  1. Frannie,
    That little acorn basket thing is such a good idea!! I just can hardly wait for my bunny and basket to get here.

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