tea time at the farm

here at the farm, i have so many helpers. one in particular is olivia. she likes to give me advice about my crafting and also to provide “quality assurance” to make sure that all of my stuffies are playworthy. sometimes when she has just worked too hard, she and some of her friends will take a little break.

i dont know what we would do here without her. she loves to gather eggs, and counsel the hens when they are falling down on their jobs.
this last weekend , she helped hang three loads of laundry on the clothes line.
aw, i feel another break comin on.


4 Responses to “tea time at the farm”

  1. Spa Therapy Works Says:

    Your helpers are very cute!

  2. Sugarplum Cottage Says:

    Oh Frannie, I’d love to have some chickens so I can gather eggs. RoseMarie

  3. Shadows of the goddess designs Says:

    love the kiites adn your ‘helper” . They are all adorable !

  4. hair_if_you_dare Says:

    Oh Fran,
    She is adorable!
    I would love to sit and have a cup of tea with her. I miss doing that with Britt. I don’t think Mychal is going to want to do that. But then…his Grandpa, my brother used to play tea party with me. Hmmm!

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