bunny births at the farm

i dont know what happened to valentines day
but here at the farm we have started to prepare, craft wise for easter.Little bunnies have started appearing everywhere………

and here is a sample if the little ones that have started appearing. the plan is for them to have clothes and little handmade baskets with eggs(or mabey baby bunnies!) i will keep ya posted on their progress.
they are all made of recycled knits and their clothes ,baskets and eggs will all be from recycled materials as well…we are trying hard to maintain a “green” crafting environment here at the farm and the bunnies are all for it! greens, more green!
so far we have 6 bunnies in various stages, but who knows with bunnies, where this will lead!


4 Responses to “bunny births at the farm”

  1. Frannie,
    I love the bunnies. How much are you going to be selling them for? Or are they just a family thing you are doing.

  2. nancy jo,
    i am so happy that you like them, cause i could definetly see one living with you and belle.
    they are being made to sell, but usually olivia will not let me get aways with anything so i usually make one for her and autumn.
    but yes, i am developing them for sale.
    i havent decided on a price yet, cause in the past i think especially the acorns were sold for too little and i regretted that.
    i am terrible at fixing prices.
    the acorns were sold on mj site for 3/10 and now they sell for 3/25
    or 10.00 each.
    let me know if you have any thoughts on pricing.
    also, if you are interested let me know what size you would like cause i am really in the developement stage and already starting to tweak the little bunnies.
    thanks again for your interest and encouragement, i really wish we lived close enough to one another to visit and go junking together.

  3. Frannie, those bunnies are precious. You might inspire me to start doing more sewing. I used to love it and then with many moves and no time it went by the wayside. How very cool to be given a bunny made with love.

  4. GardenGoose Says:

    how cute!
    I’d like to invite you to stop by my blog for my latest give away. I hope you’ll join in.

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