some of grandpa freddie b’s crafts

well, some of them came our
topsy turvy, but i have meant to show you some of
my dad’s crafts for a long time…..and now it seems that the blog is cooperating nicely with me so here goes:
My dad was born in 1909, so he is no longer with us, but he is in spirit and it seems that i probably have caught the family bug of makin things.
he is the fellow in the top picture, with the purple apron on, (i added the color, i dont ever remember him wearing purple nail aprons.) this is a pic that was taken on his first job after WWII, he was in the seabeas during the war. he spent his whole life as a carpenter, as did 4 generations before him, and i didnt know as a kid that anyone worked at a job that they didnt love.
the other pics are a grouping of various toys that he made in retirement and actually the “woodie” was made before my sister and i came on the scene, so i guess it is about 60+ years old.
the alter was built when my dad was in the pacific during the war. it always sat on top of my parents chest of drawers in their bedroom and now it sits on top of my chest of drawers.
in my mind my dad has always been a great carpenter with a simple mind about life. he was honest, he loved his work, he loved people, and he loved his family. he built the only home my sis and i ever lived in as children and most of the furniture, and alot of the items in our church and community. it gave me a wonderful sense of security, and now i surround myself with his items in my home and i still can feel his presense their when i look at them. thanks dad.


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