another critter added to the group

here is a pic of my newest addition to the stuffie collection. they are knitted felt animals that are filled with cedar sawdust. most of them are on the small side, this little kitty is 7″ to the tip of its tail and about 3 1/2″ from its feet to the top of the body.
they are 100% made from recycled materials, so even though this one is a calico, i suppose it also qualifies as a “green” craft.


3 Responses to “another critter added to the group”

  1. Frannie,
    So glad you are back to bloging and I hope you keep showing us all your handmades.
    I remember the picture of your Dad. You gave me a hangtag with the apron I bought from you. I keep it in the pocket.
    Hope you will be selling some of your things, you know How much I like them.
    All that nice woodwork from your Dad and Grandpa. They really were handy. So nice that you have it.
    Well keep bloging!!
    Nancy Jo

  2. Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings Says:

    Love your blog, Frannie! Your handmade creations are inspiring … keep up the good work!


  3. GardenGoose Says:

    good to see that things are working again with the blog..yay! glad to have you back in “blogland”

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