christmas is over, let the new year begin!

well, it was a great Christmas, here at the farm. unseasonably warm, in general. every year i think i will keep the decorating in control, and then, i open the trunk and see all the old ornaments, and decorations, and of course i have to pull them out and set them up.
Most of them are family treasures handmade by my mom or dad, and now i have started making my own. i cant believe i am making ornaments, i truly have become my mother!
I took a self imposed break from the crafting and tried to take care of some business, some things were accomplished, others may just not get done. We had a new baby goat here at the farm.He is a little cutie and charming us all as is the way of the goat kids.
Tomorrow i will start again on my crafting, hopefully a few things for valentines day, easter and in to the spring.
i have sent off for my seed catalogues, and this year we hope to focus on heirloom seeds, they all have a story to tell and some are quite charming.
I hope this year to post more on this site and also on the site for the farm.
this site will really be dedicated more to crafting, the other site will be the farm, animals and progress on different farm projects.
happy new year to all, and i hope that this year brings us all good fortune, and contentment…..and maybe a little happiness and joy thrown it.


2 Responses to “christmas is over, let the new year begin!”

  1. Looks like you have alot of really nice Christmas things. The past down ones are always the best aren’t they?
    Happy New Year to you too. My Little horse BELLE, SAYS HI!

  2. hi back at little belle. we havent seen much of her lately.
    i also love the homemade christmas items, and the wooden ones in my pic were made by my dad.
    i have been meaning to add a post on my blog featuring some of his items that i have, so i will try to do that this week.
    my blog has been very difficult over the last few months, for a while it would even let me post, and it still is a little fritzy about posting pics.
    i am a little stubborn though and i just keep trying. so glad to hear from you nancy jo, you made my day.

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