business cards, hangtags, etc.

ihave been busy this week and last with grandchildren, and out of state guest….and then catching up on my sleep. but i finally was able to work on sherri’s business cards and hangtags.

she sent me some pics from her childhood to use and they were very cute.

anyway, here are the tags so far.
i would love to do more business cards for other folks, and will even barter. i need homemade soap and handknitted colorful big socks. or just let me know what you might have.

4 Responses to “business cards, hangtags, etc.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I just have to comment here – these are the tags Frannie has designed for me and they are absolutely beautiful – more so than you can tell from these pictures. I highly recommend her services!

  2. Bright Meadow Farms Says:

    Love your tags! I stopped by to alert you to a contest on my blog at

  3. In all honesty, those are some of the most ingenious and heart-warming hang tag designs I have seen in a long time. And I do know hang tags, as I love collecting them. The latest in my collection include toxin-free Hang Tags from Nation Bright ( Do take a look and tell me what your professional opinion is.

    Once again, great work.

  4. GardenGoose Says:

    have missed you. hope all is well. haven’t seen you around the MJ site or any updates on your blog. hope you are o.k.

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