business cards,hangtags, and labels

Well, i have been working on a business card and hang tags for a lady in washington state who makes wonderful clothes for children.

Iam having a wonderful time and learning a lot more about the computer and what it can , and cant do.

here are some of the tags i have created ,but the one for “small fries” is not finished yet.
I hope if anyone else is interested in hang tags, labels or business cards they will give me a try, cause i am loving this. also, i think i can be reasonable and would really love to barter with someone who makes soap, or knits big oversized colorful socks, or whatever.
thanks for looking!


4 Responses to “business cards,hangtags, and labels”

  1. I love your tags, Frannie! Very very creative. I can see notecards done up this way as well. Could that be done?

    katie-ell via MJFarm Girl Connection

  2. farmfolks_frannie Says:

    thanks so much for the post, and encouragement. i have done some postcards before,but not notecards to sell, only for my own use. but i am going to try and print up some that i can try at a craft fair in central texas in sept.

  3. Queen of Dreamsz Says:

    Your tags are so original! In a world where so much is mass produced it’s nice to see what the artist are creating!

    …til next time – queenofdreamsz

  4. farmfolks_frannie Says:

    artist…? yay!
    thanks for the compliment.

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