labels and tags

some people think i only do crafts because i like make the tags that go with them. this is not entirely true…..or untrue! i love making the tags, but the crafts always come first. And i dont just
make the tags for the crafts.

the chicken tag is for the eggs that country sells from

our chickens. The

“dilly” tag is of course for the pickes i put up from our


and the “angeltree tags are for our farm, which we call angeltree farms.
okay, i have to confess, the label on the top of the page is just a label, i dont have a craft to go with it, but if i ever do it will be just the right tag for it, dont ya think?
the other “tag” goes with the eggs in case i run out of the tender eggs from gigglin chickens tag. and then there is the oak tree tag for the acorn pin cushions, “it all started with a little nut” tag.
that about says it all.
fran and country at the farm

5 Responses to “labels and tags”

  1. Queen of Dreamsz Says:

    Tags are great! Do you print yours on Fabric or Paper or both? I love my grahic design’s enough to allow me to create all those thoughts floading around in my mind..LOL What programs do you use? What kinds of markers and paints do you like to use for your handdone tags?

    …til next time ~ queenofdreamsz

  2. Nancy Jo Says:

    I just love your tags!!! also saw a picture of an apron that looks almost like the one you made me. Which I also love. That thing will never wear out its so well made.

  3. farmfolks_frannie Says:

    nancy jo,
    so glad it is holding up for you and hope you would always let me know if it let ya down.
    i love making the domestic goddess aprons, and i also use them to put my books in, hang them off of chairs and from the bedstead.
    my dh wears them and he looks really cute in them, but i think he knows it.
    love, fran

  4. Bright Meadow Farms Says:

    These are great! Do you do them each by hand, or reproduce them when you’ve finished such a work of art?

  5. Queen of Dreamsz Says:

    I had to post again…LOL I love the chicken tags! All of them are great but I love chickens :o)

    Talk to ya later….

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