these are some of the crafts made by my friend , reid.
she makes all kinds of garments, hats, purses, jackets ,etc. out of vintage fabrics, blankets and textiles.
this weekend we will be selling crafts mixed in with collectibles at the dallas flea market. i think we’ll have a fun time and get in a good visit as well.

i know the pic above is at roundtop/warrenton, which is a pretty famous antique sale that is really kind of hard to explain, but it is fun.
it happens twice a year, and all kind of folks show up from all over the world really and it shows up in magazines like country living and the old victorian magazine and in the shabby chic books. there are treasures everywhere, new , old and redone.
i like all the things reid makes but i guess my favorite is her hats and her jackets that are made from vintage blankets and wool.
hope you enjoy taking a peek at her items and if you are in dallas the weekend of the 16-17 come join us at the dallas flea market at the fair grounds and email me if you want more info.


3 Responses to “”

  1. That looks like a good time!

  2. 2 LMZ FARMS Says:

    I sure wished I lived closer for I would love to see it. Hope ya’ll had a good time.

  3. The models and the vests are too cute ! Love it. When are you going to post some more Mom?
    And join our family blog already! C’mon! You can wow the rest of the family (the newbies to blogging) with all of your mad blogging skills. hehehe


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