farm projects, large and small

pincushions sent to farmgirlfriends in my first swap, it was great fun and i got some wonderful gifts from them, they are alot of talented women.
this is a flyer i used at the craft show in dallas, describing the farm and my beliefs about scrap crafting, it was a fun weekend, and i sold out which was also fun. here are the great eggs that the girls provide to us, country is a good chicken man and makes a great breakfast as well. and there he is doing pawpaw duty and reading a bed time story to deven the kinergarten boy, as he likes to be called these days.

it has been a while since i posted, it seems i fell off the turnip truck and then it ran over me, well, really i had the flu, it just felt like i fell off the turnip truck.
thought i would share some large and small projects we are tending to or avoiding here at the farm.

these are the dream houses the little cottages on the prairie that we hope to restore and turn into a studio?/shop, or a guest cottage or who knows what? right now they are just a big project. since they dont have electricity hookup yet, they are at the mercy of the weather as to whether or not i go out there and work on them. basically, they are a kitchen, bath,

1 bedroom , living room, porch(2?), and a sitting type room or extra small bedroom. (in each house)

i really hope we can have at least one ready next year, in the late spring.

keep your fingers and toes crossed.

4 Responses to “farm projects, large and small”

  1. I am so glad you are feeling better! I love your pictures!

  2. Nice to have you back I am glad you are doing better good luck with your craft show.

  3. Homestead Mercantile Says:

    Love the pincushions…how lovely.
    You are a very creative person. Love the recycling.

  4. Annie D Says:

    how are the lil houses coming ? any new news with them ?


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