some of my scrap crafts

i like to make crafts using salvage materials, or “junque”. the reasons are varied, but basically i enjoy creating items, i like to create with what might be considered junk or some kind of cast off, and i kid myself into believing that it cost less to create in this way.

right now i am back onto creating pincushions. i like to make them because they are a small item and you can use up all your small scraps.

here is a pic of some pincushions i have just completed they are made from silk ties, mostly and stuffed with cedar.(because the cedar is free!)

these are big acorns that i collect, and turn into

pincushions, or natural moth repellants for your

blanket chest or sweaters. no oak tree has been hurt in the production of these acorn pincushions.

my other pincushions are made of silk as well and come in all different sizes and shapes.


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